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“Anniversary Brand of the Year”

Manufacturer Leo Wittwer is delighted to have been awarded the “Anniversary Brand of the Year” prize at the “Schmuckstars” Awards in Vienna. Schmuckstars initiator Christian Lerner honoured the Pforzheim-based company with the award for its 100-year history as a premium quality jewellery manufacturer.

Leo Wittwer Auszeichnung Schmuckstars Gala
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In his thank-you speech, Frank Maier, owner and creative head of the traditional family-owned company, explained why the prize is very special to him: “In 1984, my father sent me on my first business trip — to Vienna. I was young, inexperienced and rather nervous. And I will never forget how warmly I was welcomed here back then. With the award for the anniversary brand of the year, it comes full circle.”

Leo Wittwer Auszeichnung Schmuckstars Frank Maier Portrait

In her subsequent speech, keynote speaker Anja Beuning from the magazine Uhren & Juwelen pointed out the importance of family values and partnership for Leo Wittwer: “It’s wonderful that there are still jewellery manufacturers like yours where everything is done in-house — from design to production and service. We would like to congratulate you on your special creations, iconic pieces, enormous passion and partnership!”

Leo Wittwer Auszeichnung Schmuckstars Siegel

But it is not only the past of Leo Wittwer that is fascinating — Frank Maier also looks to the future with creative enthusiasm. “Something is happening at Leo Wittwer. We will soon be presenting the brand in a completely new light. Bound to history, committed to the future,” he said to the audience at the festive gala. The excitement continues in the Pforzheimer factory.

Leo Wittwer Auszeichnung Schmuckstars Frank Maier

Click here for the speech of thanks for the “Anniversary Brand of the Year 2020″ award”