Ohrloch­stechen - Ab 18 Jahre

Juwelier Mayer Ohrlochstechen

Earrings and stud earrings are popular with men and women alike. Whether one or more holes, one-sided or double-sided – there are many possibilities. At Jeweller Mayer, the minimum age for ear piercing is 18 years. In advance, you sign a declaration of consent confirming that you agree to the ear piercing, that you have been informed about the risks and that you have the care instructions. How satisfied you are with your ear holes at the end depends to a large extent on the puncture system and the aftercare. Jeweller Mayer relies on the proven products from Studex®: Both the pricking process and the first earrings are characterised by the highest quality and hygiene. When selecting the sterile first plugs, you can choose from many different models and designs.

The professional ear piercing process takes only a few seconds, but the pleasure of the ear holes lasts a lifetime. Jeweller Mayer uses sterile disposable cartridges from Studex®. Thanks to the advanced technology, you only feel a slight pinch at best. Of course, this depends on your personal pain level. Before you know it, the earring already sits in your earlobe. During the development of the earplug system, care was taken to ensure that neither the sterile first earplug nor its closure come into contact with foreign objects. This ensures maximum hygiene and sterility.

How quickly and easily the freshly pricked ear holes heal is largely up to you. The Studex® ear piercing system automatically positions the first ear plug at the best position in the earlobe and ensures that there is enough space between the headpiece and the closure. An ear stud should not sit too tight and pinch the skin of the earlobe. In order to prevent complications and infections, please observe the following general care instructions:

  • Touch the ears as less as possible with your hands.
  • Avoid contact of ears with hair spray, shampoo and soap.
  • Clean or care for ear holes twice a day with appropriate products.
  • Carefully turn and move the plug during and after cleaning.
  • Regularly check that the plug is secure but not too tight.
  • Do not remove the first ear plug too soon.

New ear holes in the earlobe take about six weeks to heal. The precautions listed in the care instructions should be followed for the appropriate periods to avoid inflammation and infection. When purchasing follow-up earplugs, make sure that they are made of high-quality nickel-free and anti-allergic materials such as surgical steel and have a pin-shaped inner part. If no discomfort occurs in the first year after the stinging, the entire wonderful world of ear jewellery will be open to you in the future. Let yourself be inspired directly by the versatile assortment of Jeweller Mayer.